Why would I join The Virtual Realty Group?
Because we are the future of real estate today, and we offer better benefits, tools and training for the independent-minded & brand new agent. We have industry leading 100% commission plans, all of which come standard with free E&O insurance for every deal, a free paperless transaction coordinator for every deal, a free agent website with IDX home search, the ability to get paid directly from escrow or closing, an in-house marketing and design department, complete property marketing systems which include free virtual tours & free single property websites for your listings, in-house risk-management division, e-signature platforms and the most comprehensive Agent Virtual Backoffice system ever designed. These are just a few of our benefits and features that every agent gets to enjoy.

Do you offer new agent training or training and coaching in general?
Yes, we offer a New Agent Training Program for agents fresh out of real estate school, or agents getting back into the business after a long lay off. We also have over 30 years combined training, coaching and mentoring experience available to every one of our agents. Whether you are a new agent, part time agent, full time agent or top producer, we can help build your business, raise your production and get you to the closing table quicker.

How and why would I want to open a branch office or start a team?
You just fill out our branch office / team agreement to get started. Forming a branch office or starting a team would allow you to earn revenue from within your branch. We handle all the administrative paperwork etc while you just build your branch office or team and earn income.

Can I use my own company name to do business or do I have to use yours?
Yes, you can use your name and that would fall under our personal branding option.

How can you offer so much for so little?
Because we are a Virtual company and have very low overhead, we don’t pay for expensive offices.

How much is your error and omissions insurance (E&O) and how often do I pay for it?
Our error and omissions insurance is included in ALL commission plans we offer. There are no E&O fees to pay! Our E&O coverage has a limit of liability of up to $1.0M per claim and a $1.0M aggregate. These are standard limits and in some cases, above standard limits for all the states we do business in.

Is your transaction coordinator really free or is there a catch?
Yes, it is really free. It is an online paperless program so all you need to do is upload or email documents into a transaction that has been created. You can actually forward documents into the TC directly from your smart phone.

Your benefits seem really over-the-top. Is it for real?
Oh yes, and we even have an in-house marketing and design department
that can design any marketing piece you may require.

Can I really be paid directly from escrow or closing after my deal closes?
Yes, as long as your transaction has been uploaded into our paperless transaction coordinator and has been reviewed and certified by your broker-in-charge. In rare cases, with HUD home closings as an example, this option isn’t available as they require payment be made to our company first and once their check clears, we would pay you.

How would I start the process of getting my free website and how long does it take?
Just contact us and our marketing department will get the ball rolling for you. Your website can be completed within 24 hours in most instances.

What kind of freedom do I have as far as negotiating commissions, selling my home or my friends and family’s homes?
We are strong believers in freedom and flexibility, so we allow our agents to run their business as the professionals that they are. Negotiate your commissions, sell your home, your friends or family’s home or take a flat fee listing. It’s up to you. After all it’s your business.

Is your broker and marketing support really 24/7 as advertised?
Every one of us is connected at the hip with our smart phones, ipads, laptops and such. We are very serious about what we are doing and if our phone rings, unless we are in the shower or in a deep sleep we answer it:-)

Do you have referral or recruiter programs?
Yes, we have both of these type of programs which are very advantageous. Just inquire within.

How would I know if I am ready for a virtual/home office environment?
You have a scanner, printer, fax/efax and internet access to start. This enables you to send and receive documents with ease. If you are not virtual/home office ready, we’re happy to help you get ready and make helpful suggestions and likely, minor changes to your present business practices.

Is it difficult to work virtually?
No, most agents already have a home office anyway. The biggest misconception is that some agents feel if they work from home full-time that they will loose their office support. This is truly a misconception. Believe it or not, we offer better support than a traditional office, we just do it by phone, email, text and webinars.

Can I perform loans or loan modifications?
No, we do not allow agents or broker associates to perform loans or loan modifications and our E&O insurance does not cover these activities.

Can I perform property management duties?
Possibly, but you need to have prior experience and be approved by our upper management team.

How soon after I sign up with your company can I start closing deals with you?
Very soon and same day in most instances. Once
you take care of the necessary steps on our “Agents Join Now” page and your license has been accepted by our broker, you can start closing deals:-)

Feel free to contact us to learn more.

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